Along with the movie's cast and crew are a few other unsung heroes working hard to bring you the best web site experience possible. Amongst those heroes are:

Scott DeSapio

The lead Web HERO, Scott wears many hats - the one giving him the most pride being the official Atlas Shrugged Movie Crew Hat. To name a few, Scott brings 20 years of digital artistry, web and software development, and marketing savvy to the table along with a sincere passion for the material. To find out more, visit

Jay Baker

There's smart, and then there's Jay Baker smart. When things get intense, we call Jay. Why? Because Jay knows how to get it done like only Jay can. Jay handles all our heavy lifting software needs. JAY BAKER FACT: Jay Baker doesn't program computers. Jay Baker scares computers into submission by his mere presence. To find out more, visit


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